Why Before and After Pictures Attract More Customers

Why Before and After Pictures Attract More Customers

It’s no secret that before and after pictures show transformation and can grab user’s attention. The main reason is because our mind is eager to process information that comes in portions of change. You’ve seen them everywhere in social media, used by different categories of companies: beauty salons, home improvement firms, constructors or personal trainers. You see them on TV daily, in teleshopping programs or in the commercial break of your favorite movie. It’s not just simply a trend, it’s a powerful marketing tool for any type of business.

When complementing your testimonial with timeline pictures, you increase the value of it dramatically, just because the human eye loves the story behind the testimonial.

This is why you should integrate before and after photos in your marketing strategy:

Increase customers’ faith in your work

Using before and after pictures in your marketing strategy, and more importantly, in your testimonials, is a great way to demonstrate the total transformation of what it used to be, to what it has become, all thanks to your company. Keep in mind that prospects are always in doubt when hiring a company, even after they have a recommendation. Before and after pictures will confirm customers that you can actually do the work they want and that you do it well. That leaves no doubt in their purchasing decision.

Remind your actual customers the moment of change

When you upload before and after photos of the work you have done for a customer, you’ll motivate him to leave a great review, by reminding him about what a great transformation you have created. And great reviews convert to more sales!

Get control over what your potential customers see

When a prospect is on your site or social media page, they’ll always look for pictures to prove them you can do what they need, or at least to compare your work with others’.

Which means you’ll always need to keep your users updated with pictures of every work you do. Images with the result of a work will make your prospects like you, but images that also shows the progress and complete story, will make them buy from you. Because they’ll know you can solve the problem they have.

Storytelling through imagery

 It’s well known that “storytelling” is the most in vogue word right now. In our article The Power of Visual Storytelling in Testimonials we mentioned why. It’s much more effective to show a story through images, than to just say it. By creating before, in progress and after pictures, you’ll show the story around your work. And everyone loves stories!

If you haven’t used this strategy in your marketing before, now it’s the time that you give it a thought. Besides the multiple benefits that it can bring to your company, by using the right tools, it can also be a fun way to show what you’re doing.

In our next article, we’ll be giving tips on how to create amazing before and after pictures that can drive prospects into customers. And if you want to learn more, we’re just a click away!

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