The Power of Visual Storytelling in Testimonials

The Power of Visual Storytelling in Testimonials

They say an image is worth a thousand words. We say: “Hooray!”. Not only because it’s easier to take pictures than to actually create content, but also because when dealing with visuals, you have fantastic opportunities to get creative and showcase your work. And what better way to market your work than through creating a visual story around your product?

Why is visual storytelling so important?

Faster approach

’You have 8 seconds to capture your prospects’ attention’’, according to Widen.

If text will not do it, how will you faster attract your customers’ interest?  Visuals are processed by our brain 60.000 times faster than words, in which case, sharing your customer testimonials in pictures, will have a much higher effect than text testimonials.

Better understanding

We use images to show our most important aspects in life, our families, vacations or even the food we cooked at dinner. Companies are already using images to show their work on social media or their websites, because they know that visual experience creates a better understanding of what they are doing and this can convert into new customers.

Make people remember you

People like to see stories, as much as they like to visualize them. In Widen’s infographic on the importance of Visual Storytelling it’s mentioned that 65% of the audience remember your content if you use images as well as words, and only 10% will recall it if you only use words.

An important aspect of visual storytelling is the moment of change. Using before, during and after pictures, is the most effective way to provide a clear, professional image of your work and to show that you do exactly what you claim you do. Read our article about how to create good before and after pictures here.

By using images of your products or a well done, finished job, and verify it through your customers, you highly increase your chances to convert visitors to buyers. There is no better marketing than your satisfied customers’ opinion of you. Let them share your work.



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