What Customers Search For – When Hiring a Craftsman

What Customers Search For – When Hiring a Craftsman

Most of the consumers wouldn’t even think about hiring an electrician, a plumber or a carpenter without recommendations from others. It’s like you, as an employer, are calling around for references when you are going to hire the next big star in your company. It’s too expensive to take in the wrong person. 

Despite knowing the importance of customer references, there are surprisingly many companies that do not show any customer references, reviews or testimonials at all.

Some companies believe they have understood how important customer references are and therefore gather a few filtered and carefully selected quotes from some customers. Later they publish them on the website and don’t do anything at all anymore. The result will be contrary, because your new customers will become more skeptical about you and your company.

Spend less time – get more value

I imagine that you feel you don’t have time to work on your website and keep it updated. Obviously, you a have a job to do. But at the same time, your website provides an image of you and your brand. According to WebDAM.com, the most important content on websites are customer testimonials. And there you have a responsibility that doesn’t need to take your time.

Maybe your website is just a business card for you. Or you came little longer and you realized that you can sell your services through your website. If you came that long then you sure have some lyrics about how reliable you are. It can be texts about how great you are and what a professional staff you have, followed by how you manage projects, understand clients needs, and help them with clarity in their order so that all parts will be satisfied. That’s not enough.

Even if what you write, it’s true, many other small but serious companies will have the same texts on their homepage. In other words, such texts will never give trust or even influence anyone. Not even a little. You shouldn’t sell yourself on your website through meaningless texts where you praise yourself.

Instead, you must sell an emotion. A feeling. New customers are searching for the craftsman that gives them the right feeling before they start working together. The experience about you and the work you do. How do your clients feel after you renovated their bathroom, kitchen or terrace? The joy they feel and the burden you have lifted from their shoulders when they saw the result was actually better than expected? This is what you should sell. This can only be achieved through customer testimonials.

New clients are searching for the craftsman that gives them the right feeling – this is how you create it

So let’s recap – It’s not enough to show reviews or selected quotes from a few customers only. If your potential clients can visualize the experience instead of just reading about it, your website’s effectiveness increases. Home pages with testimonials that don’t include images, are wasting space since the immediate reactions to such testimonials are received with skepticism. Who is the client and what does she thinks? Does she really exists and how does the result of the job really looks like?

If I can see the client and the work that has been done, I can relate to it much easier. By seeing the value for the client, I can imagine the value that can be brought to me.


This is what you should do

By testing Aajoda for free, you can upload images of the work you have done and shortly describe the problem you solved. Then you only need to add the customer’s number or e-mail address and send it to her. And you’re done!

Your satisfied customer gets the link with the work you’ve done, can rate it and write her experience with you. She also gets the possibility to recommend you to her entire network by sharing it in social media.

Your customer reference is now automatically published on your website and selected social media channels.

This way you get customer testimonials up to your website fast, easy and continuous, and is a qualification for you to not meet skepticism or doubt from your potential clients. And it only takes a minute to try it out for free.

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