This Is How You Get Your Customers To Create The Best Content On Your Website

This Is How You Get Your Customers To Create The Best Content On Your Website

What do people who’ve actually bought and used your products and services think? To answer that question is one of the most fundamental tasks your website has. If you put this on your website you will soon get more use out of your website – and get customers to sell your products or services for you!

By using customer testimonials (reviews and satisfied customer experiences) in text and pictures on your website you do not only answer the question but also transforms your sales pitch into a trustworthy and objective recommendation for your product and service.

To add visual customer testimonials ongoing is probably one of the easiest ways to improve your website. When you start to deliver an ongoing flow of customer testimonials, and good ones, these can only lead to more sales than any kind of best written sales text for your products and services.

So why are customer testimonials so effective?

Customer testimonials build trust. Whether your customers talk good about what your product did for them or the fantastic service you’ve given them, they tell your visitors first and foremost that they’ve had a positive experience with your products and your company.

Customer testimonials are objective. Because customer experiences are not written by you, they act as an objective voice in how your products and services work in practice.

Customer testimonials break down the doubts. A good customer testimonial has the power to convince even the most skeptical visitor that your product or service really did a positive difference in your customers life.

The best type of customer testimonial

There are some ingredients that create the best customer testimonial. This is how you decide whether your customer testimonial is effective or not. Look at the following example of a positive and praising one, but an ineffective one:

”I love this product! I’m so happy! Just buy it!”

What’s wrong with this review? It sounds as if you have a very happy customer and this should be really great, right?

What does this customer testimonial really tell to your visitors? Does this review prove that your product work, or does it explain how your product helped her? The opinion is positive but it doesn’t give enough details to really have an impact on your visitors.

In the next example you will instead get a version of how an effective customer testimonial can be that also affects a visitor to also become a customer:

”I’ve used this software for 3 months now and I don’t only save on average 10 hours a month but I’ve also gained customers that’ve given me 50 000 kr in increased revenue. I’m so happy with a tool that I can use without having to be that technically skilled.”

What makes this customer testimonial so powerful? Let us walk through the components in an effectively built customer testimonial:

A good customer testimonial is filled with benefits

A comment that says ”This is such a good product!” is nice, but doesn’t tell much for the visitors of what the product actually can do for them. The central thing in every customer testimonial is what benefits you provide: ”This product has doubled my revenue in one month” or ”My back pain that has plagued me for 5 years have completely vanished thanks to this service”.

A good customer testimonial confirms your claims

If you say that your product or service amounts to something then your customer testimonial has to back this up together with facts and numbers. How much money or time did your customer save by using your product or service? How did it solve their problems or enrich their lives?

A good customer testimonial is one that your target audience can relate to

You want your visitors to see your product or service help someone just as themselves. Make sure your customer testimonials come from someone that your target audience can identify with.

A good customer testimonial is trustworthy

A good way to create a trustworthy customer testimonial is to add as much information as possible about your customer. This minimizes the skepticism of your visitors that your customer testimonial might be made up. Perhaps the best way is to use a third party solution that hands over the verification of your customers to an external company that doesn’t allow you to edit your customers comments about you. This enhances the transparency and your trustworthiness in a way that you cannot create on your own.

A good customer testimonial is comparative

Did your customers try someone else before they found you? You want your visitors to know that your product or service can do that which others can not or at least not as good. Bring attention to customer testimonials that already compared you and chosen you ahead of your competitors.

Now you know how to make your website better and how an effective customer testimonial is built up. The last step is just to get started and the most simple and easy way to get started is to create a free trial account and if you need our help, we’ll be there for you.

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