Now we are increasing the focus on search engine optimization (Part 1)

Now we are increasing the focus on search engine optimization (Part 1)

aajoda + SEO 👊💪🙌

In our latest publish that included a number of nice features (which we will write more about shortly) we rolled out some technical ventures within one of our biggest focus areas, namely seo – search engine optimisation.

We have now improved the platform on a couple of areas to be top notch in SEO and we are already seeing the results for our clients grow, and we expect even more growth!

Google loves reviews

“Many websites are eager to tell users how great they are. Some webmasters have read these rating guidelines and write “reviews” on various review websites. But for Page Quality rating, you must also look for outside, independent reputation information about the website. When the website says one thing about itself, but reputable external sources disagree with what the website says, trust the external sources”, enligt Google Quality Rating Manual.

We noticed in the latest trends that Google prioritates structured data, in other words data that Google can present themselves directly in the search results without having to click further to other websites. Aajoda helps your company by:

1. Automatically sending reviews in the form of structured data so that Google can present the reviews about your company directly in the search results.

2. With aajoda’s controlled reviewing system you only send an invitation to verified customers. In that way you get a more fair judgement about your company on Google.

“Google needs nutrition in the form of content. You build more content by creating trustworthy testimonials with photos and text. Tell more about your ongoing and finished projects.”

No projects – no show 😥 Many projects 🎈🎉🍸

Lastly, we would like to encourage you to be consistent with uploading both workies and testimonials. Google needs nutrition in the form of content. You build more content by creating testimonials and workies, more pictures, more text and by telling more about your ongoing and finished projects. Think of testimonials and workies as fresh goods. It’s great that you uploaded those projects a while ago that were super nice, BUT Google continuously needs to be reminded of how great your company is at what you’re doing! That’s why we encourage you to be consistent and find those minutes to get out your projects and you will see that it pays off and the results will show, both on Google but also in social media! ”You’re not better than your last finished work” also applies in the SEO-world.

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