Case Study: SEFAB – Construction

Case Study: SEFAB – Construction


Anestis Nikolaidis

SEFAB is one of the leading construction companies in Sweden and does construction under all type of contracts, but mainly turnkey with an overall responsibility for the project. In these cases it’s SEFAB that ties together all the specialists, solve the problems and stands as the main responsibly towards the client.

What challenges/problems did you have in your business that led you to start using aajoda as a testimonial tool and to visualise your projects?
The problems and challenges were many but the biggest challenge was probably how to easily and effectively upload pictures, news and information about our projects on social media and at the same time keep our website updated. Another challenge was how to make it more user friendly.

– What did you find most attractive about our company, tool and app?
The flow and easiness.

”Aajodas solution and functions in combination with our new website is a great advantage both in time and design.”

Was there any obstacles in the beginning of your try, and in that case, what were they and how did you come around them?
No direct obstacles, it’s more about creating a consciousness among our coworkers to see the app as a tool and a means of communication. We haven’t had this technical possibility before and as everything new you have to have the right support to understand the possibilities. An education will be held for all our coworkers that will use the app as a daily tool.

What benefits and specific results have you seen by implementing aajodas solution?
Aajodas solution and functions in combination with our new website is a great advantage both in time and design.

Anything else you would like to add?
Aajoda has a very positive approach on new features and feedback that we give along the road and they can fast interpret our need!

Exemples of how SEFAB uses the testimonial tool from Aajoda:

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