Aajoda app for Iphone and Android

Aajoda app for Iphone and Android

Did you know that Aajoda also has an app? You can download it on both App Store och Google Play store. Compared to the desktop version the app is stripped down and includes only the simplest features so you can quickly and easily publish new projects and news.

Our customers explain it like this:

“It is good that you can start the reference projects by taking pictures on the phone and then come back to the office and complete”

Get notified via the app when a colleague changes a project
If you go into the app you can easily start a project by taking pictures, typing in a little bit about the project and then saving as a draft. When you return to the office, you sit down at the computer and continue where you left off in the app. If a colleague needs to fill in some data, they can just as easily enter via their aajoda app and add a picture or some text. Because all projects are in the cloud in the same platform and not directly on the website, it becomes very to work with.



Don’t have the energy to learn something new? This is what those who have tested say:

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