How to Create Good Before and After Pictures

How to Create Good Before and After Pictures

The total makeover of a house, a car tunning, a remodeling, a new hairstyle or manicure, all these express a moment of change. A transformation that has been done, a problem solved. Before and after pictures help you show the value you have created for a client. Even though they are such a powerful reference tool, not many companies have mastered it. Here are some tips on how to use the power of this simple marketing instrument.

Capture images from the same angle

This way, you really show the exact transformation of the work you have done. Changing the photography angle may leave the prospects with a question mark, whether you needed to hide anything that went wrong, or just doubting the result.

Tip: If you can’t avoid shooting your objective from the same angle, it’s ok. Add a caption explaining why you chose this way.

Don’t change lighting

Lighting is very important in color/texture and can change the total composition of your picture. A before and after picture works at its best when all the details are the same in both, except the transformation – your work. The same rule applies to the background.

Exception: It can happen that you started a work in the daytime, and finished it in the evening, in which case, is better to snap an after picture with different light, than wait for the client to send you one the second day.

Tell a story through imagery

One of the main reasons why before and after pictures are so successful is because they show a reality that just happened; for your potential customers, they show a story that can be as real for them, as it was for the previous customer. Use the timeline to create a story around your work. Add pictures of how you make your work, as well. Show your clients and prospects insights from behind the scenes.

Add a caption to support your story

Even though an image makes a thousand words, adding it a caption text, it can support or explain your storyline and make an even better impact.


Keep the before and after pictures as similar as possible, to let your work stand out!

Start thinking the story before you even take the first picture.

Put yourself in your customer’s place: what would someone want to see before taking action and hire you?

By following these easy tips, you’ll bring a huge value to your testimonials, your work, your customers and ultimately, to your business.

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