How Visual Testimonials Can Double or Triple Clients for Personal Trainers

How Visual Testimonials Can Double or Triple Clients for Personal Trainers

Being a Personal Trainer is a competitive business. Unless you live in a very small community, there are probably numerous PT’s who are all competing for a slice of the local clientele.

How can you march ahead of the other guys?

It’s simple. Use Visual Testimonials. That is when a satisfied client tells about their experience working with you. They “testify” that you know your stuff, you are fun to work with, you get the job done, that the client gets results and on and on.

Visual testimonials have been proven time and again to be by far the most effective marketing a small business can use. There are several convincing reasons for this.

Why Visual Testimonials Work

1. People LOVE pictures. For generations people everywhere have spent 3 to 7 hours a day watching television, thumbed through magazines, checked all the pics in newspapers. Today logon to social media several times per day, just to check out the posted photos. This all comes from a basic concept, most people learn better from pictures.

2. Pics go Viral! More than any other type of advertising or content, photos get liked, liked, and liked some more. It doesn’t take much of a push to get 10,000 views. People start talking about your visual testimonial on social media, it gets shared, people add their comments, and it just goes and goes.

3. Google LOVES reviews with pictures. The guys at Google are well aware that most people will click on a photo long before they will click on a text link. That’s why Google features pics in their search results. Those featured photos get clicked on 60% more often than standard search results. Getting your visual testimonial on Google can be like printing your own money.

But there is an even more fundamental reason visual testimonials are king in marketing.

For prospective customers, it is FAR more believable to hear how great your PT service is from one of your customers. Regular people raving about how smart, inspiring, and effective you are is MUCH more effective than you telling them or a spokesman doing the talking. People believe other regular people.

That’s why major corporations have switched their marketing from TV commercials and Google ads to promoting more reviews from their customers. And of all the different types of reviews customers leave, VISUAL REVIEWS are tops.

How visual testimonials can boost your business

Special software from Aajoda lets any PT business make the most of visual testimonials.

* Your clients can easily create and upload their own testimonials

* You get an almost instant boost when other people see their positive comments

* Search engine listings take note of online visual testimonials

* This brings even more traffic to your site and pages

Aajoda makes it fast and easy to get high quality visual testimonials. You won’t have to take a lot of time out of your regular day. And the trust badges Aajoda adds to testimonials increases their power and improves customer response.

Clearly, Testimonials are the most effective marketing a Personal Trainer can do. Your results can be clearly shown in a photo. This gives the testimonai 10 times as much power.

You should immediately put this in the mix with your other marketing. It will make everything you do more powerful.

What kind of results should you expect? Many small businesses see a BIG increase in sales and customers as their visual testimonials begin to multiply. After all, it’s the most effective marketing you can do – and it’s very affordable.

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