How To Use Visual Testimonials
– For your Beauty Salon

How To Use Visual Testimonials    <br/>– For your Beauty Salon

“Star rating is the #1 factor used by consumers to judge a business” – Brightlocal study 2015

Many – if not most – beauty salons today are using social media channels as Facebook and Instagram to market themselves or show what they can do. It’s on their daily agenda: posting news, images with the products they re-sell, with the staff (we @Aajoda call it workies), uploading before and after pictures of clients, hairstyles, manicures or other services. They all do it because clients want to see if their expectations will be fulfilled. It’s a busy industry, where the competition is high.

The desire of standing out of the crowd is now a survival necessity. And clients have great expectations. So how do your services stick out? How do you show potential clients you can fulfill their expectations? I looked into what some of our successful clients in the beauty industry are doing, and here are the top 3 tips I’ve got:

Make sure your customers are involved and interacting, even validating your work

When potential customers will see your client is praising and loving the new hairstyle you gave her, they’ll be much more tempted to try you out. Leverage your customer’s praise and make sure they validate each work you have done for them. To keep things simple, professional, and no time-consuming, you can chose to validate testimonials, directly through our app and get the benefits of:

  • Verified ratings included in the work you have done, and so 100% genuine.
  • Standing out among other beauty salons with rating stars in the Google search
  • Receiving a trust badge on your website that displays the overall score from your satisfied customers.
  • Collecting visual testimonials in realtime to your website and social media channels.

Collect as many images as possible of your work, from different categories of clients

Diversity is the best way to prove your different skills. If you post 100 pictures with the same hairstyle or the same client, you won’t get to 100 types of clients with different tastes. Each potential customer has maybe different problems, so why not showing you have a solution for everyone?

Include the before and after pictures in the testimonial

Brightlocal study in 2015 shows that consumers are becoming more concerned about fake reviews.

“80% will trust reviews as much as personal recommendations – if they meet their requirements. Authenticity of reviews is the most important factor for consumers to trust reviews they read.”

We wrote about the importance of before and after images in testimonials and how to make great ones here.

Aajoda in action

This is how some of our successful Swedish clients collect visual testimonials from the aajoda app. Click to see more.

Now that we went through some of the hard parts, you probably feel it’s too much work to proof secure your business. Except it’s not. With the right tools it can even be time-saving. Aajoda does for you all the things we’ve mentioned above in 1 minute! You just need to keep creating and make sure your customers are happy!

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