5 Tips On How You Succeed With Your Website And Social Media Without Effort

5 Tips On How You Succeed With Your Website And Social Media Without Effort

The best marketing is always a job well done, so continue with that. By focusing on the things you know best you also lay the foundation of succeeding on the net – these are the best tips on how to do it.

No matter the size of your company and regardless of how little or much work you have you can easily make sure you are representable on your website and social media. You don’t have to sit evenings on end to make it.

For some reason small companies does not ask for testimonials. Maybe they count on their customers to talk good about them or maybe they’re a little uncomfortable with asking. Most of companies want of course to have new customer testimonials but often doesn’t do anything about it. So when the job is done they leave the place and leaves a happy customer without any of them actually helping the company.

So here’s the tips to you who feel you don’t have the time with websites, social media and internet marketing:

Take pictures of your work!

If you’re already fully booked and have happy customer, make sure to show it! You already have your phone on you, so take before and after photos of the work you do so that new customers get to see what your able to. Do it via the AAJODA-app so that they’re automatically uploaded towards your website and Facebook page. You save a lot of time.

Ask your customer for feedback!

You benefit the most from your satisfied customer talking about you. They don’t do it if you don’t ask them to. When you’ve taken pictures on your finished work you send it to your customer via sms or mail and ask them for their customer experience. When you get the answer you put it up on your website and Facebook page. If you do not have the time to do this manually you can easily do it through the AAJODA-app.

Show your customer testimonials!

Here many does the mistake of not publishing new relevant testimonials. Sometimes the customers experience is not there. Sometimes there’s only pictures with no explanation. Make sure you both have the picture, text and the customers name with comments and date. If you don’t have the time to do this your self then do it via the AAJODA-app. Mouth to mouth method is really important here!

Make your customer talk about you on social media!

The best way is to have a continuos communication and a strategy on Facebook. If you don’t have the time you can via the AAJODA-app let your customer share their customer experience to their network. In that way you strengthen your brand in your neighborhood and build contacts without any effort from your part.

Try to get your customer’s doubts in the testimonial!

It’s normal to be skeptical at first no matter what it’s about. It’s built in the human nature and also your customers. Make sure your satisfied customers also tell about their skepticism and how they got past it. When a new customer sees that they have the same doubts as you earlier satisfied customers the chances are great that they go from being interested to being a new customer.

Get started today and use the best testimonial tool for your visual customer testimonials. Regardless if you’re a builder, hairdresser or an astronaut, if you’re sole trader or have a hundred of employees, if you have one office or thirty of them. Make sure you do it right from the start.

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