How to Use Your Customer Testimonials In Offline

How to Use Your Customer Testimonials In Offline

We’ve seen how important it is to find, collect and spread your customers’ love for your product or work, and you already know that your bank of testimonials should be visible on all your online channels, such as your website and social media.

Even if we live in a digital world, and your prospects might try to find you online, you should also consider showcasing your customers’ praise in offline.

Though even the books are digitalized today, it doesn’t mean the pen and paper are dead. It’s the same with testimonials, your customers aren’t only in the online space, but also in your office, on the street or in that trade show you are supposed to attend to.

We’re here to give you some ideas of where and how to use your customer testimonials:

Your work space

Your work sanctuary is where all your prospects and new customers are coming to close a deal with you, and why not give them a push in their buying decision by showing the love other customers have shared for you? A little bit of bragging too, won’t hurt.

In conferences & trade shows

You’re there to present your work, so why not involve your clients in it? Bringing your bank of testimonials with you on a digital screen, iPad or laptop, will help you make a great first impression for the attendees. Imagine someone walking around your booth and suddenly stopping by to see more of that amazing work and thank you note you’re showing off with. Wouldn’t that be an ice-breaker?

Tip: Testimonials screen

A great and simple way to display customer testimonials in any of the places above,  is through a digital screen. We looked into the best methods to do this and we’ve discovered ScreenCloud, a simple way to put any type of content on your screen and let it run smoothly while you do your thing. Due to its ability to run in real time, it works magic for trade shows and events, where you’ll want to bring a screen to show what you offer, since you can’t actually rely on the 12 inches of an iPad. But it’s also the perfect solution to easily show testimonials in your workplace, your office, reception or in any room you’ll meet your customers. Give them something interesting to watch, in the easiest way possible!

On your print materials

Testimonials are a form of advertising, there’s no doubt in that. Use them in your brochures, on your companies’ business cards, or any other print materials. If the space won’t allow you to have an aajoda box, you can add the URL or QR code of your aajoda company profile and a text such as: “See our success stories”. Just because they can’t click on it, it doesn’t mean people won’t be curious to check it up.

As we always say: It’s all about visual storytelling! So bring your online story into reality, that’s where all the fun takes place. That’s where it all started, in your shop, in your office or maybe even in your garage!

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