Case Study: M3 Bygg Stockholm

Case Study: M3 Bygg Stockholm


Thomas Jansson, M3 Bygg AB

M3 Bygg is one of the industry’s leading construction companies who perform pipe replacements and constructions in commercial facilities, real estate and housing for housing cooperatives, property owners and managers in the Stockholm region. ”We are our projects” is M3 Byggs catchword. Their pride and success arises from their finished projects. We contacted Thomas Jansson, head of unit and information officer at M3 Bygg, and asked why they choose to use aajoda as a tool for their testimonial projects and how all is going.

What challenges/problems did you have in your business that led you to start using aajoda as a reference tool?
For us it’s important to have a website that is alive. Pictures of ongoing and finished projects is an important part of this. We were lacking a tool that made it simple and easy for us to update our reference projects. This came to us in an appropriate time.

Was there any obstacles in the beginning of your try, and in that case, what were they and how did you come around them?
No. We got a presentation with good and helpful information. It was simple and easy to start using the tool.

What was the most attractive thing about our company and tool according to you?
The simplicity of the usage. Whether you would like to create or edit reference projects via mobile or desktop, it’s possible, and anyone within our organisation can be granted access to do so. Good and responsive support that has also made adjustments and updates with the web and social media integration after our special needs.

”If you in a easy way want to keep your website alive, good-looking, and at the same time save time, aajoda is a good solution that I definitely can recommend.”

Which benefits and specific results have you seen by implementing aajodas solution?
The projects are presented in a way that is good and easy to survey. We’ve also received good feedback on the reference projects. Within our organisation we also save a lot of time now that it’s more simple for us to publish, edit or view our projects.

What would you like to say to all those who are looking to make a purchase like this, and would you recommend it? In that case, why?
If you in an easy way want to keep your website alive, good-looking, and at the same time save time, aajoda is a good solution that I definitely can recommend. It’s easy all the way from when you take the photo until you get the reference project out on the website, where you want it. A good investment for those who want a reference or testimonial tool and app that continuously adds functions and features that are up to date.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Great and responsive support that are fast att adjusting themselves after our needs. Aajoda has also been a part of the communication with our web agency in a very positive way.

A few examples of how M3 Bygg uses our reference tool:

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