Case Study: Kolstads – Demolition & Sanitation

Case Study: Kolstads – Demolition & Sanitation
John Borefelt @Aajoda


Robert Kolstad, VD

Kolstad is a modern and fast growing construction company situated in Gothenburg. The company works with demolition, sanitation and concrete cutting in Gothenburg area. The founder, Robert, is not unaccustomed when it comes to social media. Kolstads are active both on Facebook and Instagram and uses visual media to show up their finished work, team building and to recruit new staff. We have asked the founder, Robert, why customer testimonials and project pictures are so important and how aajoda helps them to unleash the power of visual recommendations.


What challenges/problems did you have in your business that led you to start using aajoda as a testimonial tool?
We had no active updating of our picture flow on our website. Because we are active in social media we know that pictures sell better than anything else and doesn’t have to be described the same way as words. You see the job with your own eyes.


Why did you choose to work with us instead of other equivalent recommendation tools?
Timing. We wanted to achieve similar results on our website as we’ve done in social media. We like it now when we can easily update our picture flow on our website via cell phone. Finally we feel that we are satisfied, and when you’re satisfied with something you just go.


Was there any obstacles in the beginning of your try, and in such a case, what were they and how did you come around them?
Yes, we had no website that was modern. But we solved it by creating one. We had decided to digitalize more and not to put up testimonials and projects on an old website.

”I think that your availability and support is spot on good. You’ve understood what we need and come with great ideas and that feels both safe and good.”

What did you find most attractive about our company and tool?
The function that lets me give my colleagues a user name and get them to be active with putting up performed photos of ongoing and finished projects. We also like the testimonial function of inviting the customer for a review. We will use that when it comes to our bigger work.


What benefits and specific results have you seen by implementing aajodas solution?
Good and uniform picture flow on the website and in social media. Our website has now gotten a real boost and a good synergy with our presence in social media. Now we do not have to do everything three times. Social media is good, but it’s not good to put too much time on it. Now we save a lot of time because everything is done with a hit of a button.


Anything else you would like to add?
I think that your availability and support is spot on good. You’ve understood what we need and come with great ideas and that feels both safe and good.

Examples of how Kolstads uses the testimonial tool from aajoda:

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