Case Study: Hårfixarna Byttorp – Beauty Salon

Case Study: Hårfixarna Byttorp – Beauty Salon

Hårfixarna Byttorp is a popular hairdressing salon for men, women & children in Borås. The salon is owned by Diana and the hairdressers consists of a fine gang of girls that offers the most in hair, nails, makeup and eyelash extensions. We asked some questions to Diana about what aajoda and visual testimonials has meant for her daily practice.

What challenges/problems did you have in your business that led you to start using aajoda as a testimonial tool?

The reason why we chose aajoda was in first hand not because of challenges but because of how exciting it was and how fun the whole arrangement was. To be able to take one or more pictures, send it to a customer and let them have the possibility to have an opinion on our work. We have an ongoing usage of Instagram but this became much more personal than Instagram. On Instagram we ”tagged” our customers. On aajoda we get in reviews and verification on before/after pictures.
Why did you choose to work with us instead of other equivalent recommendation tools?

We had not seen anything like it before. We’ve seen reviews on Facebook before and that you can gather opinion in different ways but it has not appealed to us.

Was there any obstacles in the beginning of your try, and in such a case, what were they and how did you come around them?

No, I was totally focused on testing this, so I didn’t really see any obstacles except getting all the other hairdressers in the salon going on it, but that also applies to our activity on Instagram. As a hairdresser it can periodically be more to upload and at other times it can be quite calm. The time is our challenge. It’s not the first thing I sit down to do when I have a break or when I come home. A function that we look forward to this autumn is the direct publication towards social media. That will save us even more time.

What did you find most attractive about our company and tool?

Customer contact. I ask the customer if he wants to see the pictures from the treatment and that he gets to say his opinion. I send it to the customer’s mobile or mail, via the app, where the customer participates.
What benefits and specific results have you seen by implementing aajodas solution?

We have concretely reached customers that normally wouldn’t come to us. Our hairdressing salon is a little bit off in Borås. They come to our little salon because they’ve seen the testimonials spread on social media.

Anything else you would like to add?

We can always look forward to new functions in aajodas testimonial tool. Now we look forward to be able to direct publishing on Facebook, in the same moment as we create the testimonial or when we get the customer review.

Examples of how Hårfixarna uses the testimonial tool from Aajoda:

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