Aajoda reviews and recommendations

Aajoda reviews and recommendations

Who recommend Aajoda?

What do you think of Aajoda? Would you recommend the tool? How do you get started with Aajoda? What does it cost? We will be happy to answer all these questions during a short web meeting with you if you wish!

If you are thinking about maybe testing Aajoda, you don’t need to hesitate! Not if you ask those who are already users in any case =) If you have smaller projects, you may be using Aajoda in a different way compared to those who have larger projects. Therefore, we have divided the users into different sales and industry categories so you can read about the ones that are most similar to your company!

We are happy to take an unconditional screen sharing meeting with you and show you how Aajoda could help you in your everyday life! You get to see how others are doing and you get to test it yourself while we support you. Then it will be easier for you to get an idea about this tool is something that will add value or if it just becomes a tool lying around =) Send us an email that you want to meet with us. We will return shortly to you to find a convenient time.

Construction companies EUR 0-1 million turnover

ABAB Kitchen & Varnishing in Stockholm
I recommend Aajoda to all small construction companies with smaller projects! There’s nothing to hesitate about! / Jonas Hogg at ABAB Kitchen & Varnishing in Stockholm

Hartvigsons Construction in Hestra
With aajoda, it has been clarity from beginning to end. No negative surprises. I would say that Aajoda is a well-functioning and smooth tool that I recommend! / Andreas Hartvigson at Hartvigsons Construction in Hestra

RJ Markis in Vallentuna
I recommend Aajoda for more jobs and more customers! You look great on the website and on Facebook! Easy to get the projects out on Facebook that quickly gives impressions and likes. Aajoda’s support is great, which is especially important in the beginning to get started quickly. It is a good pricing and not much money at all if you think about what you get! / Roger Johansson at RJ Markis in Vallentuna

We 3 paint Sweden Ltd in Stockholm
The support and follow-up are the bells. Aajoda is always there for us when we need it. The strategic alignment with more landing pages. A reference can end up in more places on the website via hashtags. If I have done a mural, I get it where I want it, everything is preset. / Kimmo Ilvonen on Vi 3 paints Sweden Ltd in Stockholm.

Construction companies EUR 1-2 million turnover

IPAR in Sweden Ltd in Vetlanda
I don’t think you should hesitate to test Aajoda! It is a tool that creates tangible results and saves a lot of time. At the same time a good and reasonable pricing. / Mathias Svensson and Tony Lindén at IPAR Sverige Ltd.

Mannes Bygg Ltd in Åtvidaberg
Aajoda simplifies the whole process of getting our projects out on the website and social media so incredible! The simplicity means that it is done! Therefore, I would definitely recommend a purchase! You get the investment back by not having to pay someone to do it. / Martin at Mannes Construction.

Construction companies EUR 2-5 million turnover

Grundels Window System Ltd in Karlstad
I really recommend aajoda! Very user friendly and good looking! For us it works great! We use references at customer meetings and social media, among other things, and manage to have a steady flow in all channels that are up to date. We are really super happy! / Daniel Bengtsson at Grundels Window System in Karlstad.

Solid Construction Ltd in Katrineholm
I do not recommend it! The reason is because we think the tool is so good that we want it for ourselves! Jokes and aside, I would highly recommend it to companies in other cities anyway =). It is a tool that helps. You get the customer’s opinion, it’s a smooth tool that is worth it! / Poyan Sandnell at Solid Construction in Katrineholm

Kimmos Painting Ltd in Borås
I definitely recommend Aajoda! We use Aajoda to present new and existing jobs. It gives customers a sense of who we are as a company and it helps us in creating business. / Magnus Hjalmarsson at Kimmos Painting Ltd

Moberg Fog & Bygg in Gothenburg
I would definitely recommend aajoda! If you as a company need to share what you do, aajoda is an extremely easy tool to use! Although it is so easy to use, it is so incredibly good and gives so much back! So much so that you are surprised every time! It contains everything you need and covers all the parts you may need.

You can tailor the need for your particular business and decide what information you want to show and how. What you get against what you have to do, I think is the biggest reason why you should have Aajoda. That you can spend so extremely little time and still get so much out of it is gold worth! / Maria Sellén at Moberg Fog & Bygg in Gothenburg.

Kungsbacka Roofing & Construction Ltd in Kungsbacka
After a meeting with Aajoda, it felt incredibly good! Only that it was difficult to get to a meeting because there are so many sales people calling. Sometimes you don’t even want to take the call! We are so grateful that you did not throw in the towel when it came to us! If you as an entrepreneur think it is important to be up to date and appear on Google, you should use Aajoda every day of the week! / Adam Goffe at Kungsbacka Roofing & Construction in Kungsbacka

Construction companies EUR 5-10 million turnover

The Painting Craftsmen in Linköping
I recommend Aajoda to those who are considering testing! It is easy to use and it does not take much experience to get started. If you take some nice pictures then it is quite easy to make it look good. Basically anyone solves this as there is not so much clicking here and there and it is not so different from other apps you already use. In addition, support has been good to get in touch with new tips and tricks from time to time without it being neither too much nor too little. We have always received answers immediately when we needed help. / Tinne Ingesson at the Painting Craftsmen in Linköping.

PLW Electrical Engineering Ltd in Linköping
I recommend Aajoda! Many of our colleagues in the industry already use aajoda and it has worked very well for them. We feel the same way, it works great! I am a programmer myself and really see how good the tool is, you have done a good job! / Andrew at PLW Electrical Engineering Ltd in Linköping

Hjerpes MaskinCentra Ltd in Norrköping
I really recommend Aajoda!You save a lot of time and never have to sit down at the computer. Simple, smooth and good advertising for the company!/ Nicklas Hjerpe at Hjerpes Maskincentra Ltd in Norrköping.

Casab Fasad & Bygg Ltd in Nyköping
I definitely recommend Aajoda. It’s smooth, you can do it yourself without expensive middlemen. You get a freedom and it’s fun! / Erik Larsson at Casab Fasad in Nyköping.

Construction Tech Ltd in Hägersten
I would recommend investing in and using aajoda! I only have positive things to say about aajoda! So many great features in one tool! In addition, when we receive comments that it looks professional and that customers and partners appreciate easily accessible information, we want to continue. / Lotta Berg at Construction Tech in Hägersten.

PTM Land Builders Ltd in Örebro
I think it’s been positive all the way! Fun to see how Aajodas tools developed during the time I have been a customer. All in all, it was easier than I thought and better than expected! I definitely recommend Aajoda, no doubt! / Peter Tondel the PTM Land Builders Ltd in Örebro

Construction companies EUR 10-50 million turnover

Engineering Builders Ltd in Linköping
When we changed our website, it was no more difficult than a few keystrokes to move over our reference projects. This allows us to work with Aajoda in the long term. For us, it is very easy to recommend Aajoda to all construction companies with large and small projects! / Måns Lindfors on Engineering Builders Ltd in Linköping.

Wilzéns Construction in Linköping
I was unsure how simple it really would be and what it would look like on our website. After a meeting with you where we got to see the results, it felt better and we decided to jump on. This is not a decision we regret today, but it exceeded expectations. We are very happy. Also appreciate your quick support which, in addition to speed, provides easy-to-understand answers! / Martina Karlsson at Wilzéns in Linköping.

Saltängens Mechanical Workshop Ltd in Norrköping
If you want to get things up on the website without spending too much time, then Aajoda is time efficient. Of course, you always have to weigh costs against how much time you have. But for us it is time efficient and worth it! Everyone should take the time and test Aajoda anyway and then decide for yourself! / Jim Hedkrok at Saltängens Mechanical Workshop Ltd in Norrköping.

Oscar Hanson Plumbing in Halmstad
I would definitely recommend Aajoda! It’s a great way to show off what you do during the day and you can create a good memory of the project through their PDF feature where you with a keystroke can transform your projects into a nice PDF. / Oscar Hanson at Oscar Hanson Plumbing.

Builders in Mälardalen AB in Västerås
I would definitely recommend Aajoda! It is user friendly, smooth, easy. You don’t have to be an IT technician to upload images with a little text, but you can choose how you want to work with it. It is very flexible. Can a regular mortal like me use it so can everyone! Aajoda’s customer support has been absolutely superb. As soon as there is something and you send an email you get an email back in an instant! Simple understandable answers that are not so complicated! / Pernilla Gustafsson Build Master in Mälardalen AB in Västerås.

Construction Contract Company EUR +50 million turnover

Selbergs Construction in Umeå Ltd
To those who are considering testing Aajoda, I would think it is a good tool and easy to administer. The value is that I can present the projects with a smooth administration and that I can invite my colleague to the tool. This way I get help which I did not get through the wordpress page which I am alone in managing. WordPress is simple, but Aajoda still goes faster. In addition, the support is absolutely superb at listening and understanding even when you are straight and clear! I think that is important! / Jenny Eklund Selbergs Construction i Umeå AB

Motorhome and Caravan sales EUR +15 million turnover

Bossings Motorhomes and Caravans Ltd in Linköping 
If you run a company that sells camper vans and caravans like us, I can definitely recommend Aajoda. When we have our peak season there is not much time left and every minute is very valuable. With Aajoda’s platform, despite the lack of time, we manage to collect visual customer references and publish them on both our website and social media. / Johan Lejonqvist at Bossings Motorhomes and Caravans in Linköping

Vinslövs Motorhomes and Caravans Ltd in Skåne 
I would definitely recommend Aajoda! We are very pleased with the service! I recommend it every day of the week! Just the simplicity and the fact that you get trusted customer reviews! Think it works great! / Johan Lindell at Vinslövs Motorhomes and Caravans in Skåne

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